With grading group projects there are two general options: grade a group project as a collective without considering individual students’ implications or contributions, or grading each group but changing individual members’ grades who did not effectively contribute to the extent of other group members.  To determine each students’ productivity, have each group member complete a team evaluation form listing each members’ contributions and rating their performance.

Peer rating should be incorporated into all group work assignments (Kaufman, Felder, & Fuller 2000).  Students should be given the peer rating criteria at the beginning of semester so they know what is expected of them.  In mid-semester (or mid project students complete a peer “progress report” to address any areas where a group member may not be contributing as they should.  Then at the end of the semester, students peer assess their group members once again.  If there is no progress or the scores of group members go down, the student’s grade will go down as well.

For group assignments in general, student prefer up to three reports maximum, group examinations, no more than one group presentation, only allow group assignments to make up 20% max of overall grade, ensure there is a peer evaluation format for grading (Fiechtner & Davis, 1992).

  1. ​divide information based on before, during and after class.
  2. find or develop peer evaluation forms, group role assignment, availability chart, group contract.

Forms to use when working with teams

Below is a table adapted from Oakley, Brent, Felder, & Elhajj (2004) on forms to use to help with team formation.

Form When Used Objective
Getting to know you First day Divide students into teams
Team policies First day Define results and procedures for teamwork
Student expectations Assignment First week Develop a team contact
Coping with hitchhikers and couch potatoes on teams First week Deal with dysfunctional teams
Evaluation of progress toward effective team functioning 1/3 through semester, 2/3 through semester Identify team problems
Team member evaluation 2nd or 3rd week, mid-semester, end of semester Peer rating
Peer rating of team members Mid-semester, end of semester Peer rating
Auto rating spreadsheet Mid-semester, end of semester Use peer ratings to adjust team grades for individual effort


Oakley, B., Brent, R., Felder, R., & Elhajj, I. (2004). Turning student groups into effective teams. Retrieved from

Peer Evaluation Form Templates

Below are web links to peer evaluation forms that may be used as a reference.